War Plan Pacific Patch 1.0.3


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• PBEM (Play by E-Mail) added! Note: It should be noted that to accommodate
PBEM play certain
gameplay elements have been modified when playing by PBEM. They include a
modification to reaction
movement and setting aggressiveness for groups arriving at their destinations
since combat on the battle
board is handled entirely by the computer. Complete details on how PBEM works
and the changes can be
found in the accompanying patch documentation.
• Fixed bug in which a couple of light cruisers could prevent raids from
hitting a base no matter how
powerful the attacking force.
• Fixed bug in which invasions did not happen if the defender chose air.
• Fixed bug in which the Allies sometimes did not get adequate amphibious

• Support now for 1680x1050 and 1440x900 screen resolutions.
• Added a .wpp extension for saved games. Now players can simply double-click
on a saved game to
immediately launch the game. Additionally, one can drag and drop the file onto
a War Plan Pacific
desktop shortcut.

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