Warcraft III ROC v1.17 Patch


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This latest patch for Warcraft III ROC will update the game to version 1.17 and apply a number of fixes.


*A "Profile" button has been added to the Battle.net toolbar. You can now look at your profile from the Battle.net news page without ever entering chat.
*Replays now display their version number in the Replay selection screen.


*Fixed a problem that caused some instant spells cast after a targeted spell to execute before the targeted spell.
*Fixed problems with the Melee AI when it attempted to use certain instant spells.
*Fixed a problem with Morphing units re-executing commands that were interrupted by the morph timer expiring.
*Fixed an exploit that would allow players to track enemy units under the fog of war with queued move commands.
*Fixed a problem with units following enemy units and never proceeding to the next order when they moved underneath the fog.
*Fixed a problem with spells that can target a point or unit (like Shockwave) failing when the selected target dies. If the selected target runs under the fog or teleports, the spell is intended to fail.
*Fixed a problem with Envenomed Spears wearing off too early if the affected unit was also affected by Slow Poison.
*Fixed the invisibility transition time for levels 2 and 3 of Wind Walk.
*Fixed Devour such that devoured units now give experience to the owner of the Kodo Beast if it gets polymorphed/hexed and instantly digests the unit.
*Fixed rally points such that friendly units will no longer cancel rally orders to Heroes that teleport or Mirror Image.
*Fixed illusions so they now get correct damage, armor, life, and mana bonuses consistent with the original units.
*Fixed an issue with morphed units that could cause them to cost food when revived by Animated Dead if they had died in their morphed form.
*Fixed upgrading buildings such that they now receive the correct hit point bonus from the Masonry upgrade.
*Fixed a problem that could cause manually cast arrow abilities to occasionally fail.
*Fixed channeling units so they will auto-queue orders issued to the entire selection except for Stop and Hide. Orders issued to the selected subgroup will break channeling (so you can teleport out of the area while channeling).
*Fixed units in the middle of a non-channeling spell such that they will now auto-queue all orders until the spell is complete.
*Fixed observers so they now recieve notifications when ANY player's forces are under attack.
*Fixed Hero icons so their order is now consistent throughout the game.
*Fixed replay speeds so they can once again be changed while the replay is paused.


*(6)Dark Forest - Cleaned up some trees to provide wider areas for larger groups to path through. The creep camp guarding the top middle expansion gold mine no longer attacks units that path nearby.



*Haunted and Entangled Gold Mines are now indicated on the minimap.
*Line damage spells such as Shockwave and Carrion Swarm no longer damage a targeted friendly unit.
*Arrow abilities set to autocast now override Orb effects.
*Default autocast spells (like Bloodlust) that require research will now have autocast enabled when the research completes.
*Repairing an upgrading building now uses the repair time and cost of the original building.
*Harvesting, building, and repairing workers are the only units left behind by a teleport.
*Multiple units casting the same spell now distribute the load more efficiently.
*Missile spells no longer wake creeps when launched. Instead, the creeps now wake when a spell hits.
*Constructing Peasants are now included in group selections. A constructing Peasant will automatically queue all orders unless it is the only unit selected, or until it receives a Stop order.
*Channeling ultimates now cancel invulnerability. If an invulnerability spell is used while channeling, channeling will end.
*Damage-capped AOE spells now have a seperate cap for friendly, enemy, and neutral units.
*Enemy units now take damage from Lightning Shielded illusions.
*If a unit is rallied to a unit/Hero that dies, the rallied unit will now continue to move towards the last spot the rally target occupied.


*Divine Shield can no longer be deactivated.


*Banshee attack range increased to 600 from 500.
*Units raised by Animate Dead are now invulnerable to dispels as well as damage.
*Unsummoning an upgraded building now provides resources for the original building in addition to the cost of the upgrade (before it was just the cost of the upgrade).


*Experience granted for killing the Spirit Wolves summoned by the spell Feral Spirit increased by approximately 40%.
*Wind Walk now allows the Blademaster to walk through units.
*Wind Walk's backstab damage reduced to 40/70/100 from 50/85/120.
*Chain Lightning will now jump to sleeping targets if the primary target is also asleep.

Night Elf

*Abolish Magic no longer auto-dispels hero spells.
*Abolish Magic no longer removes positive buffs on friendlies or negative buffs on enemies when manually cast (it already did this for autocast).
*Rejuvination can now target magic immune units.
*Level-1 Entangling Roots base duration reduced to 9 seconds from 12, but level-3 Entangling Roots damage increased to 25 per second from 15 per second.
*Faerie Fire armor debuff reduced to 4 from 5.
*Ancient Protector's attack now uses a homing missile.
*The Huntress' bouncing attacks will no longer bounce back to the initial target.


*All Orbs now affect magic-immune units.
*Targeting an unwalkable location with a Scroll of Town Portal will now try to place units as close to that location as possible. If no valid location can be found, the units will be teleported to an area around the town hall.

NOTES: Replays are incompatible between major game revisions (1.16 replays cannot be viewed with the 1.17 version of Warcraft III). Custom save games will not load from version 1.16.

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