Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Soulstorm Patch v1.10


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General Fixes :

* Fixed Sisters of Battle Holy Icon resource bug.
* Fixed Dark Eldar Observer Soul Powers bug.
* Fixed Eldar Harlequin's Dance of Death ability that reset the player's resources.
* The Illusory Monolith will no longer become real if there are Flayed Ones inside.
* Addressed an issue with trainers working in multiplayer games.
* The automatch matching range has been changed. Players will now only match up if they are within 200 points of each other.
* Observers can no longer use Dark Eldar soul powers.
* Harlequin dance of death no longer drains the player's resources.
* The Deceiver's illusionary monolith will now always despawn correctly when the ability duration is complete.
* Fixed Sisters of Battle holy icon resource exploit.
* Dias of Destruction Dark Scythe ability will no longer be fired multiple times in a single use of the ability.
* Sisters of Battle Mine Fields no longer leave their flame effect if they are destroyed before being fully constructed.
* The Daemon Prince healing in combat modifier will no longer apply repeatedly as the player issues attack orders against enemy heroes.
* Sisters of Battle Thermal Plasma Generator armor type changed to building medium.
* Furious Charge will now properly affect Cultist Aspiring Champions.
* Warp Spiders will now properly prioritize infantry targets over vehicles when automatically attacking.
* Seraphim Veteran Superiors will now benefit from Zealot Charge.
* After Martyr's Gift is researched Celestian Veteran Superiors, Imagifiers, and Seraphim Veteran Superiors will now properly provide a faith bonus on death.
* Dark Reaper Exarchs now benefit from optics upgrades.
* Tau Listening Post Rail Guns now improve the weapons DPS against all target types.
* Tau Broadside Battlesuits will now animate properly.
* The Hellion Squad Succubus's melee weapon will now properly increase in damage when Power Blades is researched.
* The Tower of Carnage add-on will now give the same resource bonus as the other races listening post add-ons.
* Torture Amp hotkey changed to M.
* Righteous Fever on Repentia squads will no longer turn off when the squad "leader" dies.
* Missionary Lay of Hands hotkey changed to Y.
* Battle Sister squads with heavy bolters using an attack move command will now properly attack at their max range of 40 meters.
* Smite can now target commander units.
* Entangle will no longer be unavailable on Guardian squads when a Farseer is attached.
* Tankbusta rockets can no longer attack ground.
* Tactical Missile Launchers can no longer attack ground.
* The Celestian Veteran Superior now benefits from Blessed Armor research.
* Skyray Gunships now have a fire on the move penalty.
* Archon special attacks now do damage at the appropriate time during the animation.
* IG Heavily Fortified Listening post upgrade now properly increases the damage of the listening post.
* The Tortured Slave's thrown death animation no longer repeats.
* The Penitent Engine's Flamers fire on the move penalty has been increased to be in line with other walkers.
* The Daemon Prince now has additional audio lines.
* The Helm of Alpharius Wargear now properly grants detection to the Daemon Prince in campaign.
* The Warbanner wargear will now properly affect the daemon prince.
* Honor Guard Grey Knights no longer take up population cap.
* Honor Guard Possessed Marines and Horrors no longer take up population cap.
* Hellion, Scourge and Warp Beast honor guard units are no longer able to board transports.
* Honor Guard Harlequins no longer use squad cap.
* The Eldar AI will no longer build a Support Portal before the requirements are met.
* The Raven's Short Circuit can now target vehicle high.
* Immortals reassembly radius reduced to 20.
* Fixed a bug where multiple faith abilities used in quick succession would cause the player to only pay for one of them.
* Targeting Optics now properly increases the sight and weapon range of the Firewarrior squad leader.
* Targeting optics now properly increases the sight range of the Stealth Suit squad leader.
* The Honor Guard Kasrkin Sergeant now affected by Kasarkin Armor research.
* Abilities that disable combat on vehicles will now properly disable special attacks as well.
* The Ork forces in the campaign will now always use the proper colour scheme.
* Hellion Honor Guard jump ability will now properly recharge.
* Tau Commander Marker Drone wargear now properly increase the Tau Commander's damage.
* Space Marine Storm Bolter accuracy on the move penalty reduced to be in line with other units.
* Grey Knights now take up only slot in a transport.
* Space Marine research, Wargear: Power Fists can now be researched in the single player campaign.
* Honor Guard Cultist Squads now benefit from Unholy Sight research.
* Guardian Plasma Grenades will now damage Monster armor types.
* Techpriests now start on stand ground stance.
* Imperial Guard wargear now properly applies bonuses.
* Honor Guard Heavy Weapons Teams no longer use population cap.
* Macharian Cross now properly boosts the speed of all Command Squad members.
* The Hammerhead holographic clone armor type changed to vehicle medium.
* Honor Guard Broadside Battlesuits no longer use population cap.
* The Tortured Slave's morale will now properly recover when it reaches its maximum.
* Honor Guard Reaver Jetbikes can now decapture points.
* Sluggaboyz ranged_attack_range affecting their AI behavior adjusted.
* Ogryns, Ogryn Bone'eads, Kasrkin Sergeants, the General, all Psykers and Priests now do morale damage.
* Guardsmen Sergeants morale damage increased.
* Hellhound's Let It Burn ability now does morale damage.
* Added death explosions to Imperial Guard vehicles.
* The Broadside Railgun now has a piercing value against infantry low.
* Corrected tooltips on the Tau Commander stating that he didn't have a melee attack.
* The Shas'Vre Fusion Blaster damage against infantry heavy high increased to match the other damage values.
* Drone Squad unburrowing now does morale damage.
* Kroot Shaper now has Feral Leap like other Kroot infantry.
* Fixed a bug with Tau's Iridium Armor wargear not working properly.
* Tau vehicles now have death explosions.
* Barracuda's Missile Pods now fire simultaneously.
* Barracuda's Ion Cannon morale damage increased slightly.
* Crisis Suit Missile Pods can no longer attack ground.
* The Krootox now uses their own sound set instead of the Carnivores'.
* Fixed a bug with Or'es'Ka's Multi-Tracker not working properly.
* Enabled the Snare Trap's sounds.
* Fixed an incorrect fire on the move penalty on Haemonculus' Destructor and Splinter Cannons.
* Soul essence spawned by the Slave Chambers with Torture Pit Add-on can no longer spawn in inaccessible locations.
* Dark Eldar generators death explosions now have proper morale and damage values.
* Tahril no longer takes up population cap.
* Adjusted the min damage value of the Ravager's right side Disintegrator.
* Fixed the Tortured Slave's death and get up animations.
* Archon Tahril now benefits from the Poisoned Blades upgrade.
* Fixed a bug with the Trophy Rack wargear not affecting Tahril's melee weapons.
* Psyocculum now increases the range of Veteran Superior's pistols to match the ranges of her squad members' weapons.
* Adjusted the damage of the twin Penitent Engine melee weapon to match the main melee weapon.
* Added morale and physical damage to Sisters of Battle generator death explosions.
* Added Lightning Fighters to the tooltip list of units affected by the Reinforced Hull Plating wargear.
* Fixed a bug with the Sisters of Battle Emperor's Blessing wargear that was causing infinite health degeneration.
* Added a death explosion to the Excorcist.
* Added hotkeys for the different Field Logistics upgrades and Mechanized Production Efficiency. >> Add the actual hotkeys.
* Enabled the Living Saint's sync kills.
* Fixed Ecclesiarchal Servitor's get up animation.
* Fixed Death-Cult Assasin's get up animation.
* Fixed Missionary's get up animation.


* Reduced the maximium heavy weapons capacity of cultists to 2.
* Chaos Heavy Weapons research now increases Cultist max heavy weapons by 2.
* Hell Talon damage against vehicles and buildings reduced by 10%.

Dark Eldar

* Haemonculus Lab requisition cost increased to 200 requisition/50 power.
* Reaver Jetbike build time increased to 2 seconds.
* Hall of Blood cost reduced to 225 requisition.
* Gruesome Display addon now grants a small detection radius to the Slave Chamber.
* Cruicible of Malediction duration reduced to 6 seconds.
* Scourages minimum broken time reduced to 5 seconds.
* Raiders damage against vehicles increased by 10%.


* Call to War research time reduced to 45 seconds.
* Webway Gates now require the Webway Assembly.
* Ranger damage reduced by 10%.
* Farseer cost reduced to 220 requisition/80 power.


* Hellhound fire on the move penalty increased to 0.4.
* IG Listening Post addon cost increased to 100 requisition/60 power.
* Kasrkin Grenade cooldown increased to 60 seconds.


* Necron global power upgrade cost reduced to 350 power.
* Necron global power upgrade 2 cost reduced to 550 power.


* Stormboy squad cost increased to 180 requisition.
* Grot infiltration cost increased to 50 requisition/20 power.
* Big Mek teleport cooldown time increased by 10 seconds.
* Nob squad building damage reduced by 10%.
* Trukk buildtime increased by 5 seconds.

Sisters of Battle

* Inferno Pistol research cost increased to 50 requisition/30 power.
* Cannoness faith generation rate increased.

Space Marines

* Smite cooldown increased by 15 seconds.


* Firewarrior commander damage decreased by 10%.
* Kroot shaper buildtime reduced to 20 seconds.
* Vespid jump starts half charged.
* Barracuda damage decreased by 10%.
* EMP grenade duration time reduced by 5 seconds.

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