Warlords Battlecry II v1.03


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1.03 Patch
This patch updates Warlords Battlecry II from 1.0 or 1.02 to 1.03.

1.03 Patch Fixes/Changes (see readme.txt for complete list)

Fixed a bug where the mouse would freeze on the main menu of the game until it was Alt-Tab'ed down then up.

Fixed some incorrect damage upgrades that applied to skeleton riders & halberdiers
Skeleton Riders were not receiving upgrades from the Dark Mill, since the game had them flagged as Missile Troops

Halberdiers were not receiving upgrades from the Smithy, since the game had them flagged as Missile Troops

Fixed a bug that stopped AI Allies (of Lord level and higher) attacking your enemies
Stopped Rune Item being learned from the library or the Learn Magic spell

Fixed some problems with the radius of offect of Chaos Plague (it was 3 times too large)

Fixed a bug where Followers in the Campaign received 0XP

Fixed a text bug that said Dwarf Infantry require a Smithy

Added triple damage vs Dwarves for Dark Infantry & Forestguard

Added triple damage vs heroes for Dark Riders

Added triple damage vs Orcs for Woodriders

Fixed some incorrect values in some of the game's Skill Tables Hero XP Bonus from training gave incorrect amounts above 89 Army XP bonus from training had the wrong value for 84

Fixed an exploit in the Army Points screen, using a trainer.

Fixed a crash in ubi.com when right-clicking on any listbox in ubi.com
Stopped Succubi & Queen Spiders abusing special abilities on their own troops.

Removed rubble from broken walls to stop an exploit with Bronze Golems scavenging their own walls.

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