The Witcher Patch v1.3


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This is the version 1.3 patch for The Witcher that includes lots of tweaks and bug fixes. Read below for more info.

Also don't foget to download the new editor here that also includes the new Price of Neutrality adventure for the game adding at least 2 hours of gameplay!

The Module Edition Upgrade package updates the Witcher to version 1.3 and adds the functionality of running a user editable module. The sample module has been provided, offering a couple of hours of additional gameplay, which can be altered by the user using the Module Editor. The New Game main menu offers two options now: starting the regular game, or starting new adventure (new module).

WARNING! The Witcher 1.3 Module Edition is only partially compatible with saved games from previous versions (1.0, 1.1a, 1.2). Loading older saved games is still possible but may lead to unexpected behavior and other problems. The players are advised to restart the game from the beginning using The Witcher 1.3 Module Edition.

Gameplay and text bugs fixed:
- Fixed various localization issues for English, French, Italian, German and Spanish languages,
- Fixed combat abilities 'Patinado' and 'Sinister' issue when proper modifier has not been applied correctly under given circumstances,

Code bugs fixed:
- Fixed a few random crashes in Prologue and Chapters 1, 2 and 3,
- Fixed crash in Act 4 when running near exit to lakeside from village to inn,
- Fixed game crash when using Alt+Tab, especially while loading location or game,
- Fixed dialogue camera shots on standing up characters,
- Fixed issue with 'Game Paused' text disappear occasionally after exiting game panel when game was paused during opening of a panel,
- Fixed issue with disabled attack when player holds block for a long time and then immediately tries to strike,
- Fixed various issues regarding mousedrive steering and pathfinding,
- Fixed weapon enchants not updating properly when switching weapon slots or dropping weapon from inventory panel,
- Fixed issue with Geralt not attacking immobile creatures or not approaching objects from a certain distance,
- Fixed issue with blocking middle mouse button during some cutscenes and when fistfight starts,
- Fixed occasional issues with sheathing weapon after combat and on Alt+Tab,
- Fixed issue with breaking meditation mode if Geralt is attacked when entering meditation

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