World of Tanks Patch v8.4


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Update 8.4 is a step towards the creation of a full British tech tree, which consists of original tanks with unique gameplay. In this new update, new armoured challengers will be storming the battlefields so take your pick between the British and Soviet Tank Destroyers or German light tanks and see which tank is to your liking and play style. Whether you'll be kicking up a storm with the mighty SU100Y or the intimidating Alecto, we hope this new content will put a smile on your faces and grant you endless hours of great fun with your fellow comrades. The update also brings in a full game training tutorial for new Tank Commanders. But it's not just limited to the rookies, any interested Tank Commander can check it out!
Enjoy Update 8.4!

What's New in Update 8.4?

Update 8.4 will welcome into its already impressive arsenal and expand the roster of in-game tanks with a wide array of new combat vehicles, such as British and Soviet tank destroyers and German light tanks. Players will be spoilt for choice as they will soon be able to take control of 10 of the finest British tank hunters, including the Universal Carrier QF 2, the most widely produced armored fighting vehicle in history, and the А39 Tortoise, a super heavy assault gun carrier designed to smash heavy fortifications and directly combat heavy enemy tanks.

Tier II to IV British Tank Destroyers are universal and versatile fighting vehicles, with a high level of damage per minute, good maneuverability and very low visibility. At Tier V to IX, almost all of them belong to the family of AT (Assault tanks). As expected from the assault tank, they have a thick front armor, high durability and accurate guns with high damage per minute. Sitting atop at the highest tier, the British Tank Destroyer FV215b (183) comes equipped with a powerful 183-mm gun which has a large one-time damage.
The Soviet tech tree will be getting a newcomer in the form of the powerful SU-100Y tank destroyer. This vehicle is massive and hits hard, and is more than capable of taking on the heaviest vehicles on the battlefield. It will be a premium vehicle.

Germany will also be receiving some reinforcements in the form of three new light tanks! Why not take a ride in the Panzer I? Or take a cruise in the Panzer II Ausf. G and pick off your enemies in style.

Four in-game maps - Steppes, Fisherman’s Bay, Ensk and Live Oaks will be getting a visual and rendering overhaul in Update 8.4 so immerse yourself in the surroundings and get ready to be blown away by the sheer realism of it all.

Players new to World of Tanks will find that getting into the hang of the game will be nothing more than a stroll in the park with the help of a brand-new tutorial that will be introduced into the game with this update. The tutorial will cover tank controls, shooting mechanics and basic combat tactics so after a crash course with this comprehensive tutorial, clueless rookies will be transformed into worthy Tank Commanders in no time.

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