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A Lightweight and Low Memory Addon Collection of Ace2 mods.

Please visit . Forums, Texture Packs and Class Packs will be there ! Bringing Art to ACE2 !

You will now be able to update this UI Collection via the WoWAce Updater, with no problems. This allows you to update the entire

package with one simple program.***

***Note: Downoad the WoWAce Updater 1.6 here: ***

**List of Addons**

!Bug Grabber - Grabs the bugs

!OmniCC - Cooldown count

!StoptheSpam - Gets rid of the annoying addon loading system messages at start up

ag_Unit Frames - Simply the best unit frames evah! [/aguf config]

aUF_BarFader - Fader for bars

aUF_RangeCheck - Unit range detection for aguf

aUF_Banzai - Colors who has agro in ag_uf (red)

Assister - Auto invit

Changelog v 2.0.7
No major changes, just a stable version for TBC.
updated ktm 19.3
added custom layout for aguf
updated heal organizer for HO3
Updated Gmail for Postal
Took out the auto installer until I work the bugs out.

Read Me and Instructions enclosed.

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