WorldShift Patch 1.0.21 to 1.0.22


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• Fixed a bug in the mission "Into the Lair of the Beast" that made the boss Big
One very hard to defeat
• Tweaked the LanZealot fight in "Bridges of Trial" to be generally harder
• Various anti-cheat improvements
• Slightly decreased the number of Elite Troopers spawned from the Shocktroops
global action
• Slightly decreased the number of Hatchlings spawned from the Infest global
• Slightly decreased the damage of the Airstrike Bombers
• Slightly increased the Nanofix healing amount
• Hellfire cost slightly decreased
• Some localization fixes
• Fixed a rare crash on finishing matches
• Fixed a bug that caused Hellfires and Assault Bots to not get power and power
• regeneration from items

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