X-tension patch v. 1.6 (updated)


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PATCH 1.6 for English version of X-TENSION.
Changes from 1.3de / 1.5uk to 1.6:
- Possible income per factory increased (please test this indepth!)
- Shields of ships now reload in non-active sectors too (please test for its
consequences on the game balance!)
- New option menu with "Shift O" allows:
Adjustment of SETA speed
Enable warp tunnel effect
Disable docking clamps
- Freight can be moved directly from one player owned ship to another if
both are docked in the same station from inside a ships infomenu.
Also freight can be "beamed".
(Please test for possible bugs with non compatible upgrades)
- Player owned ships can be told to drop freight remotely
- SETA possible without flying.
- Keys 1 - 4 now toggle active lasers in bay!
- Ships no longer explode immediately but struggle for a moment (please test
for consequences)
- Galaxymap, sectormap and property menu can now be accessed from inside stations
- Logbook now marks new entries in log since last visit with yellow text color.
- New command to clear the logbook.
- Attacked playerproperty now only marked for a limited time
Playerpropertymenu now marks attacked properties with a red text.
- Satellites / Mines and Orbitallaser won't change their position anymore after
leaving and re-entering a sector.
- Orbitallaser now also protect one another (as a group) when set to protect
a station.
- Various changes to the notoriety behaviours of races (please test)
- Menu to entera string: black text color in headers instead of white color.
- Asking for a quest related destination sector reactivated based on notoriety
- Jump device upgrade: If player leaves ship during jump drive sequence, the ship
jumps away without the player.
- Notification of ships under attack changed
- Free floating astronauts now try to make it into a near station.
They also have a limited oxygen supply of about 2hours
- Shipinfo menu now shows the total number of used and free cargo bays
in the "cargo" header bar.
- Police license now bound to the player not to his ship!
- Ships now also use missiles during galaxy fight (please test)
- NPC ships could use fightingdrones now (?)
- When buying a new ship in a shipyard, there are now 3 versions
of a ship type to buy:
minimal version: only with a 1 MW shield and minimal lasers
standard version: good shield and good lasers
luxus version: max shield and max lasers
- Newly bought ships do not leave shipyards automatically, they are
set to "Follow player" by default
- TL ships can be bought and flown by player (work in progress, this
will also require a couple of new commands to tell other player ships
to land in this TL). Also it should not be possible to take such ships
- Pirates now also fly in different formations with transporters
- Instead of collecting illegal wares police ships now destroy them
(this could theoretically lead to conflicts caused by NPC ships
with illegal goods scanned by other NPC ships)
- And various bugfixes...

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