X3 Terran Conflict Patch v1.0.1 to v2.6


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This version is for any previous version of X3: Terran Conflict.

This update brings new features and improvements for you to enjoy including a new Community mission set, called A New Home, and the addition of Achievements for STEAM users. Also featured is a new gamestart based on the classic Argon Prime start from previous games.

Version 2.6 also features:

• Improved rendering performance
• Improved chances of the pirate variation in the Freight Scan mission
• Fixed targeting issues with stations after a complex was destroyed
• Fixed several issues with the Freight Scan mission
• Fixed captured ships from Assassination missions being removed
• Fixed missing difficulty levels with the Destroy Convoy mission
• Fixed mission dialogs on ships starting on the wrong option
• Fixed several minor mission issues
• Fixed weapon information display for ships with only missile turrets
• Fixed missing wares for sale on the Goner Temple
• Fixed Sector Traders constantly buying at average price
• Fixed several text issues with German text files

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