Red Alert 2


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[[Thirsty for vengeance]]The Allies, victorious in their battles against Joseph Stalin and his Soviet army, have rebuilt the decimated economy and infrastructure of Europe and have installed their own puppet dictator in place of Stalin: General Romanov. [images]But Romanov has his own agenda. He's thirsty for vengeance, and unbeknownst to his Allied puppeteers, Romanov has been mobilizing the World Socialist Alliance into a giant military machine for years and is now only biding his time, waiting for the opportunity to strike. [images]When a civil war breaks out in Mexico, Romanov makes his move.

Playing on the side of the Allies, you'll have to fight an uphill battle against well-armed Soviet forces that are threatening to crush your homeland. As the Soviets, you'll use your newly researched psychic technology to hunt down pockets of resistance and make the US pay for its destruction of Mother Russia.

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