Titanium Angels


Total votes: 17
  • publisher: SCI
  • developer: SCI

[[A hard day]]Carmen Blake is a bounty hunter - one of a breed known only as The Kindred. Any job too sensitive, or dangerous, for conventional law operatives to handlegets offered as a bounty to these brave and often psychotic individuals. She accepts an extremely rich bounty, the termination warrant placed on Elegia Furie,military dictator of a small, but very rich and boisterous, island nation. [images]Carmen fearlessly launches a frontal assault on Furie's headquarters. Taken by surprise by the unbelievable firepower available to Furie, her drop-ship is destroyed and she barely manages to cheat death. Clinging desperately to the outside of the building, with certaindeath below her, Carmen must infiltrate the enemy stronghold. It's too late to turn back now and with a whole army in front of her, her only chance for survival….. is to fight!

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