1 Mp3 / Media available for SPlayer, see below

SPlayer is a light-weight, easy to use audio and video player for Windows that supports today's technology without all of the bloat that comes with major competitors like iTunes and Windows Media Player. SPlayer supports HD video, with its ShaderEngine image enhancing system. You get HD playback, while reducing screen noise and rendering sharp images, even in SD media (though SPlayer cannot make true HD out of standard def media). Picture and sound quality are both improved via its LiveColor and SmartAmplify video and audio processing techniques.

The best thing about SPlayer is it does all that without swallowing up a lot of CPU time or memory. Its FastMotion process significantly reduces both of these, as the player is optimized for multi-core CPU's and GPU's. It's also power consumption savvy, allowing you to play media without eating up your laptop's battery.