[DARKNeZZ] Empire of Magic (+5 Trainer)


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Empire of Magic (+5 Trainer)

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.: DARKNeZZ :. art^dfs PRESENTS Empire of Magic Plus 5 Trainer GAME NOTES Trainer options: CTRL + F1 = Unlimited Action Point CTRL + F2 = Unlimited Health (you and enemy) CTRL + F3 = Freeze Experience CTRL + F4 = Add spent money (ON) CTRL + F5 = Add spent money (OFF) CTRL + F6 = Freeze Mana CTRL + F7 = Resume the other options to normal /Team DARKNeZZ GROUP NEWS DARKNeZZ since 2001 GREETS DFStars - iZUAL - Battery - ESI - PiZZADOX - FAS CONTACT US IRC...: #CLOSED MAIL..: 404@404.nu Web...: www.404.nu last update 01/21/2003 Header Layout done by artik from DFStars

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