3d Top


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3DTop is a study into the usefulness of a three dimensional GUI (Graphics User Interface). For too long have we denied ourselves the freedom that is only offered by 3D games. A 2D Desktop is all well and good for simple procedures, but after a while it can make you feel cramped and limited by what you can do. As technology advances, so too should the basics of our software, after all, everyone who uses a Windows OS, or even a GUI within Unix depends on their desktop for the vast majority of functions they will ever use.

In short, 3DTop uses the icons that are present on your normal desktop and represents them in 3 dimensions instead. This approach enables you to fly around your desktop, change the shape of the icons and arrange or drag them in 3D also.
In addition you can create coloured spotlights, paintings (bitmaps), background and floor textures, clocks, flags (shortcuts) and whatsoever the future may bring.