4DiskClean Gold v 2.0


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4DiskClean Gold helps you to administrate hardisk(S) space, optimizing the amount of free space on drives,by deleting unneeded files like temporary data,old backups,duplicated files and DLL's,browser caches,etc. It cleans many other internet and windows temporary data and caches,displays many graphics,charts of disk usage, disk settings to help you take decisions and complete understand the files and folders that are in your PC, its easy to use interface,fast searchs and very secure to any level of user. Main features: Temporary / backup / log files search and clean. Internet cache/history of url's opened clean(Privacy). Duplicates(Dlls,files) clean,very fast,and secure,principal system files were preavious excluded. Common temporary folders cleanup. Windows last 10 documents list clean.(privacy). Empty Recycle bin with a click. View and print disk settings. View disk usage and file allocation with grids and graphics,showing large files and folders,making easy to take decisions wich files or folders delete to free some space,plus more. True Windows(any idiom) 95,98,NT,(Fat or Fat32) compatible. Installer and uninstaller. With help and documentation,easy to use and very secure,you do not need computer knowledge to use it and obtain valuable HD space. 4DiskClean (Windows 95 - only main feature (file clean up),reduced size 230 kb) is our standard/light version of 4DiskClean.