BeFaster and BeFaster Lite - Update


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BeFaster is a connection speed up toolkit with some powerful tools. It supports AOL, Symantec PcAnyWhere, IE, Opera, Dial-up modem, Lan, Cable Modem, xDSL, ISDN, T1, DirectPc and Cable/DSL running PPPoE. You can configure settings manually or program can automatically configure them for you. Its Super-Ping Tool prevents connection drops and its Ping Now Function awakes suspended modems. You can share your custom settings with Records Function.

New in Version 3.56

Version 3.56 - 27 September 2005

- Fixed : 1 minor internal bug.

BeFaster Lite

BeFaster Lite is a multi-featured connection optimization tool. It is light version of BeFaster. It can optimize and make your connection faster if you use it correctly. But you must be careful before optimization because wrongly fixed settings can make your connection slower instead of faster. As a result: If your connection is slower after BeFaster Lite, please try to optimize your connection with different settings. In such a case, BeFaster is recommended as it will give you more options in order to better tweak your connection.