CableTraffic v 2.0 (build 250)


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CableTraffic Makes CableModem Quality Trackable!
If you are a cable modem user, you probably notice times when you are unable to access web sites, receive email or use instant messaging. These service interruptions sometimes develop from problems with downstream routers and websites, and may also be due to problems in the cable lines, or perhaps even network congestion because of high utilization in your region. Calling your cable service provider may help, but you will almost certainly have to wait on hold for a long time. Your service provider may also request that you submit a "log" of times your service was out. That's where CableTraffic comes in!
CableTraffic automatically maintains the log, and will verify its accuracy in 2 directions. This log may even help you to obtain refunds for service you are not receiving, and lead to improved cable modem service.