CD-Quick Cache for Windows 95/98 v3.2


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Whether you've got a 1X or a 48X drive, CD-Quick Cache will improve its performance. CD-Quick Cache accelerates CD-ROM drive performance, resulting in faster program loading and decreased data search time. By storing frequently used CD-ROM information on your hard drive or in RAM, CD-Quick Cache makes it available in a fraction of the time it would take to retrieve it from your CD-ROM drive, even if you're using the latest 48X drives.

Unlike simple cache programs, CD-Quick Cache uses an intelligent caching algorithm and dynamic read-ahead buffering to ensure enhanced performance. Its persistent disk cache feature lets the program keep track of up to 256 different CD-ROM titles on up to 32 CD-ROM drives. CD-Quick Cache can save your cached data and volume information, even after you shut down your computer. CD-Quick Cache also offers smart caching of full motion AVI, QuickTime and MPEG video clips, allowing your games and education programs to run faster.