Complete Cleanup


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Internet software cookies are bits of information stored on your computer when you visit certain internet sites. Your browser can exchange this information when you visit the site again. There can be some privacy issues with this because the internet sites can tell where you have been or how long you have been in a certain area. Your web browser(s) also store your web history and cache files on your machine as you browse the web. These may have been accumulating ever since you began using your browser, and these files can waste large amounts of your hard drive space without you knowing it! Webpages and graphics are stored in these directories, and anyone who shares your pc with you can tell where you have been browsing on the web. (If they decide to snoop).

This program is the complete solution. There is no need to use several different programs, as this program will handle BOTH Internet Explorer and Netscape (AOL's browser also). It will tell you file statistics and will give you a chance to delete cookie files, history files, and cache files from your pc. It also cleans up various non-internet files, including your "recent documents" list, your temp files folder, excess index files, previous file "run history", previous file "find history" and more. Not only will this help protect your privacy, but it will also free up alot of your extra disk space, helping keep your system at peak performance.