CrashPlan Pro


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CrashPlan is the ultimate backup solution for your home or business. Files are automatically compressed, encrypted, and transmitted to your designated backup destinations. Easily back up your laptop to a desktop, the office server off-site, or a remote employee's laptop to HQ. By using your own backup destinations you avoid monthly fees, enjoy greater security, and can recover from data loss much faster. Don't have a destination? Use the built-in destination CrashPlan Central for a small monthly fee. CrashPlan runs on Mac, Windows, Linux, and now VMWare--our enterprise virtual appliance for business, at no additional cost.

CrashPlan features :

Continuous Backup:
CrashPlan automatically notes changes to backup and then does so once per day. CrashPlan Pro immediately backs up those changes as you work, protecting your files without slowing you down.
Data Compression:
Files are greatly compressed using advanced compression technology. Duplicate files and parts of files are automatically identified and stored only once.
Control when CrashPlan backs up, or when your friends are allowed to back up to you.
Back up everything about a file, not just its data.
Works Out of the Box:
CrashPlan uses high technology to help computers connect with minimal configuration fuss.
Unlimited Versioning*:
CrashPlan automatically backs up the latest version. With CrashPlan Pro, you can move backward in time, restoring alternate versions of files that have been changed many times.
Multiple Destinations:
Back up to multiple destinations at no extra charge: on-site, off-site, and across the country! CrashPlan intelligently prioritizes backup to those destinations that are furthest along.
Unlimited File Size and Backup:
Supports files larger than you'll ever need, plus there's no limit on how much you can back up.
Smart Prioritization:
Files that are most recently changed get backed up before those that are older.
Exclude Files:
Specify which folders and filenames you do not want backed up.


Move Back in Time:
With CrashPlan Pro, you can restore previous versions exactly how they looked at a particular time of day. CrashPlan limits you to the last backup.
Quick Recovery:
Easily recover accidentally deleted or saved over files.
On-site or over the Internet:
Restore large amounts of data locally in just minutes! To restore 100GB of data over the Internet takes weeks for most people. With our local restore feature, you can have your data back in minutes!
Where was that file? Use the built-in search feature to locate files to restore.

Guaranteed Restore™:
Unlike hard drives, DVDs, CDs, and tapes, with CrashPlan you know your data can be restored. How? Each night CrashPlan verifies that all your backup data is still valid and can be restored. If CrashPlan discovers an error,it recovers automatically or notifies you if it cannot.
Any Machine, Any Destination:
Are you on your laptop and wish you had a file from your desktop? Not a problem! Just restore it to your laptop.


Bandwidth Throttling:
Easily limit how much bandwidth is used while you're at your computer and while you're away.
Remote Web Administration:
Remotely manage your backup through our secure web interface.
E-mail Notification:
When a machine hasn't been backed up, you can optionally be notified.

Choose your Backup Destination:
Back up your files to somewhere you know and trust. This way, you can get your data back in hours instead of weeks, and your data isn't mixed in with everyone else's, making it a prime target for identity theft.
Only off-site backup secures your files against theft, fire, and other local disasters.