Customizer 2000 v. 7.0


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Customizer 2000 is a special utility which is designed to optimize Windows 95/98/Me performance. The program lets you explore the many hidden settings in Windows, and make changes. Modifying a setting simply involves reading a helpful description, and clicking a checkbox. Customizer 2000 allows you to change boot-up options, as well as your registered name and organization, and the location of the Windows directory. You can also have unknown file types automatically opened with Notepad; enable a CD-ROM cache;

customize the Start Menu; and remove the arrows from your desktop shortcuts. In addition, the program includes an Internet optimization function which can improve your modem throughput.

What's new in version 7.0 ?

-Fully compatible with RAM Idle v4.5

-Fixed a few small problems that found in the previous version.

-Better user interface with a fresh and clean look.