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CyberGauge is an easy to use utility for monitoring your Internet bandwidth information, with email and pager alerts for both non-responsive devices and for interface traffic thresholds. CyberGauge generates Quality of Service (QOS) and billing reports.

The incredible increase in Internet usage has everyone searching for speedy, reliable, and cost effective connections to the Internet. CyberGauge provides an easy way to get the bandwidth information necessary to answer these critical questions:

How much of my Internet bandwidth am I currently using?

Are slowdowns in Internet access related to increased use of my Internet connection?

Am I getting the bandwidth promised by my telephony carrier or ISP?

QOS Reports provide an easy way to independently verify your bandwidth usage and to document historical and current usage patterns.

You will know a server or connection is down before your users do with email and pager alerts.

CyberGauge uses the industry standard management protocol, SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), to monitor the throughput of data through router interfaces connecting your LAN/WAN to your ISP. This data is then converted to a bandwidth and graphed over time. All the information gathered can then be easily viewed, printed, exported, or saved for longer-term trend analysis.