DiskPatrol 1.5


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DiskPatrol is a Disk Cleaner you can use to eleminate space-wasting files by drag and drop from your hard disk. There are more than 110 file types preconfigured, like §§§, BAK, GID, OLD or TMP. Also you find out multimedia or archive file formats and text files like FILE_ID.DIZ or READ.ME very quick. If the files are not included in the menu, you can add up to ten custom wildcards. Additional DiskPatrol is looking for 0-byte or monster files. All detected files are placed in a window together with file name, path and file size. It is possible to execute or view selected files before destruction. Now you have the choice to delete the manual marked files or all files by dragging their listings to the flaming trash can box. DiskPatrol bypasses the Windows Recycle Bin and completely destroys the files. Afterwards it is possible to start the Windows Explorer, Scandisk and Defrag. Disk Patrol is able to scan all connected network drives.