FineTune Power Utility for Windows v1.5


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FineTune - the Windows Power Users' Tool.

Set various Windows 'hidden' options to improve performance and security, and customize Windows to suit your individual system and requirements.
Manage Registry Backups - improve reliabilty.
Set security options to prevent other users tampering with your settings.
Re-locate Windows default system folders.
Optimize your Dial-up Networking settings for faster Internet access. Allows CUSTOM MAXMTU settings to squeeze the most out of your Dial-Up Connection. Supports multiple adapters. Apply 'Popular' improved settings with one click.
Easily add/remove programs from your start-up / Run-Once group.
Speed-up desktop redraw, modem dialling rate, and Windows Boot-up processes.
'Garage' infrequently used fonts to save memory. Re-load at any time using simple drag-and-drop operations.
View and change network settings.
Optimize your Disk and CDROM Caches; adjust PREFETCH to gain max advantage from today's 40-56 speed CDROMS. Select from preset Optimization Profiles, or 'Finetune' individual settings manually.
Compare performance of different Internet Service providers. Toolkit and graphical comparison charts.
Comprehensive tools to manage the little-known HOSTS file,storing DNS information for your most frequently visited sites. Save valuable seconds on DNSlookups when you change sites. SEEK OUT recently visited domains from hidden information stored on your computer.
Manage multiple Internet Service Provider Accounts. Change settings, view passwords, add/remove services,change defaults.
NB.Some functions exclusive to Windows 98 / IE5.
Cookie Manger - you decide which site may leave cookies on your computer.
Performance tools - measure your Disk drive / CD Rom / Processor performances.