Genie Backup Manager Professional 8.0


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Genie Backup Manager Professional 8.0 is a reliable and robust backup and data recovery solution with a friendly user inteface.

GBM Pro 8.0 has the power, flexibility and is feature rich to suit single system users to multiple systems within small businesses over LANs, resource sharing scenarios and backing up to removable media devices such as USB, REV disks, floppy diskette, all types of optical media remote location using FTP, and tape drive media and online backups using Ajax-based backup technology to Genie Online Backup storage servers. GBM Pro offers better data management and greater data availability than ever before.

GBM Pro 8.0 is equipped with Windows Vista's compatible disaster recovery features, enabling the option of backing up the entire system (operating system applications, mission-critical data, e-mails, operating system and application settings, files/folders, etc) yet offering fast and easy recovery via an intuitive wizard-based interface. There is no need for Microsoft's Windows Setup installation media.