ICB 2000


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ICB 2000 now uses a technique that fully differs from that of the previous ICB versions. Instead of ICMP echo requests to predefined hosts ('Ping"), ICB 2000 utilizes a technique better knows as 'Sniffing ' or 'Spying' , where all traffic through a certain network adapter is monitored. This is much more reliable and enables the possibility of quietly working in the background while the "real work" of generating network traffic is done by the network itself instead of initiated by the ICB program. In Spy mode, ICB 2000 is used in conjunction with e.g. a web browser of FTP client, or just monitoring any traffic through a given network interface or even through all TCP/IP sockets. This approach also enabled the reliable division of inbound and outbound traffic, also called down- and upstream. So ICB 2000 is 100% schizofrenic and handles both down- and upstream data fully independant.
Most important, in spy mode ICB does not generate any network traffic itself and can be called a transparent network client. For your information, ICB is NOT using SNMP or other standard monitoring protocols that imply an added overhead to the network load and/or resources.
ICB 2000 also offers a quick-and-dirty way of generating some traffic if anything else isn't. We have added a simple HTTP client that can be used to request any HTML document or web resource, including binary files. The requests are looped and a contignuous data stream is created.
ICB 2000 can be configured to use a particular network interface (network cards, PPP dialup networking, loopback adapter or any other network device) or to monitor "all".