IceSphere Prebeta 2


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There are three main components in the IceSphere shell, the Core, Desktop and the Blocks. These three components make up the majority of IceSphere, they are all separate programs or EXEs that work together and allow a great deal of modularity and make the shell more stable.

IceCore is a very important component in IceSphere, it is the backbone of the shell. IceCore is responsible for all other parts of IceSphere. It composes of the CPS Crash Protection System and the Console. The Crash Protection System or CPS manages other parts of IceSphere, if a component of IceSphere crashes the CPS system restarts the crashed plugin before you can realize it crashed. The IceConsole is the second part of IceCore, the console is a hosted plugin that works as a frontend to DOS and as a DOS style console for IceSphere. It logs errors and keeps track of what is going on in the shell so you are not pestered by annoying pop-up windows. The log the console keeps can help solve any problems with the shell as well, by showing other people who are ready to help what exactly the problem is. IceCore also keeps track controls ALL of IceSpheres components and plugins, it lets you shutdown, restart or recycle plugins and components on the fly.

The IceDesk or the Ice Desktop is a major IceSphere component. Its major job is to host plugins and modules and nothing but plugins and modules, which makes IceDesk very light and fast. IceDesk has a simple drag n' drop interface to load plugins, all you need to do to add a plugin to the desktop is drag its icon on the desktop to the position you want to keep it in, so u don't need to mess with configuration files to add plugins.

IceBlock is the one tool to use in IceSphere to design your desktop, with it you can create buttons, icons and so much more. It is very similar to Litesteps wharf, but it is also different in many ways. You can have blocks in blocks, you can position it anywhere on the desktop, you can have multiple sets of blocks, you can even layer them by having one on top of another, and you can link the blocks to launch programs, the IceBlocks are only limited to your imagination.