KCPUCooler v0.8.0 beta


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This is a very simple app that halt the cpu when no application is using it, this operation saves enegy and reduces the CPU's temperature and extending CPU's life.
This application is very useful for overclocked cpu.
The app is very small (the installer apps is bigger that the program itself) and use a very low amount of memory (less 200KB when minimized on the tray). This app doesn't decrease your computer overall performance, but it is an application and it uses only a very little amount of resources of your system.
It put itself next the clock, if you double click on it it will show the info window (the one you can se in the screenshot) and you can quit it clicking on the quit button. If you just want to deactivate it right click on the tray icon and the application is deactivated till you right click again.