Magical File Encrypt v1.1


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Magical File Encrypt is powerful yet easy to use tool to protect and secure your important Files using custom high speed algorithms.Your data files undergo powerful cipher operations which ultimately makes them unreadable and impossible to run without first decrypting them.Only the correct password will Decrypt the Encrypted files.Even if an unauthorized person gets access to your files,he will not be able to read it without decrypting the files with the correct pass.


* Professional File Encryption using 512 bits secure encryption algorithm.
* Files of any type and size can be protected.
* Context Menu Integration. (Right Click any file to Encrypt / Decrypt.)
* User friendly graphical interface.
* Restores original File Extension. (*.exe , *.zip , *.doc ... etc.)
* Protected File only requires the correct password to let you access the file.
* Supports dumping of data to a location of your own.
* Custom Integrity check of encrypted files to mark file tampering.