MBM: Motherboard Monitor v 5.01


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Motherboard Monitor (MBM) is a tool that will display information from the sensor chip on your motherboard in your Windows system tray. MBM supports a wide range of Chipsets & Sensor Chip combinations.
- Added lock icon
- Display delay option if you have it set to auto open
- Fixed problem with data directory location

- Option to replace them X seconds after startup
- Option to select a windows font instead of the fixed mbm 5 font

- SMBus address always shown in system info
- Language dropdown list is sorted
- Increased the custom name from 10 to 11 characters
- High Low tab shows the current value
- Language files with the wrong version will not be shown in the lanauge dropdown list
- Fixed problem with data directory location

- High Low log can be as small as 1 entry
- High Low log shows current value also

- If user is running old version of language file then the program will default to English and user will be told to update
- If user deletes selected language file the program will try to default to english, if that is gone to the user will be told so and the program will terminate

- Detects if MBM 5 is running, if so then it will stop.
- Fixed possible problem with detection of previous install directory

Help File:
- updated it with the new options
- Added better explenation for icons on dashboard & settings window