Memory Zipper Plus v.2.0


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Memory Zipper Plus optimizes the windows memory management and the performance of your PC under Windows 95, 98, ME and Windows NT / 2000. You can optimize the memory of your PC just by oneclick or automatically
Windows (95/98/ME /NT/2000) is a Modern operating system and supports Virtual Memory. In windows environment there are two types of memory :

1. System Physical Memory - It is the current installed RAM on a system. On modern systems it could range from 128 MB to 512 MB on Servers.

2. Virtual Memory - Windows create a Swap file on disk. Windows when run out of RAM saves Physical memory contents to this swap file. This Swap file is known as Virtual Memory. Whatever amount of RAM you have windows will always use virtual memory.

Windows memory management system can use both Physical and Virtual Memory. As soon as you run out of RAM windows starts to swap the data from physical memory to disk to make room. Thus you could run much more applications than your physical memory. But this system is not fool proof and some times some of program resources are on disk and others in memory or scattered all over. This results in memory leaks, program crashes, blue screens and disk activity after each and every task.