MultiNetwork Manager Professional v9.0.0.6


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MultiNetwork Manager 9 is targeted for individuals, home and business users, who want to explore the benefits of easily connect at new sites, store profiles to switch between location settings for network access and resource allocation. MultiNetwork Manager 9 is also the perfect tool for IT administrators and professionals who need to administrate network access, security and resource allocation for company users.

The new MultiNetwork Manager 9 is fully Vista compatible. The functionality and user interface of MultiNetwork Manager 9 has been greatly enhanced to provide ease of use and powerful features for both less experienced and expert users. MultiNetwork Manager 9 is GlobeSoft’s comprehensive highend offering, making it even more cost effective and safer to roll out MultiNetwork Manager to a large population of users. It offers more functionalities and configuration possibilities compared to previous versions of MultiNetwork Manager.

Typical features:
* Network autodiscovery wizards help you get connected when on the road, at home, at the client or in the office.
* Remote security policies automatically help protect your system when connected to uknown networks.
* Capture helps you create a profile by capturing the current network configuration and let's you connect on your own when returning a second time
* E-mail (e.g. SMTP server), Script, mapping components tailor your system and application for a specific location or situation
* TCP/IP and Proxy components let you specify specific connection information, e.g. an internal DNS when connected using a VPN
* The WLan connection wizard lists available networks and help you get connected
* Location sensing will automatically detect a known network and apply the appropriate profile
* Import/export helps you share profiles with friends and colleagues
* The printer component easily installs e.g. a typical IP printer
* File sharing wizard helps you easily share files between computers
* PC-to-PC connection wizards connect two or more computers directly using e.g. your WLan adapter

More advanced features :
* Make it easier for users to use e.g. VPN by creating a profile, that is made available through the connection wizards.
* Mange multiple domain and workgroup accounts
* Provide users with a supported way to switch (perhaps normally locked down) network settings in a secure and controlled manner
* Automatically apply scripts or other configuration settings for sensed networks (know or unknown)
* Create a fixed corporate profile that ensures that employees always can connect to the corporate network
* Create a fixed WLan profile that can be used at home using a company supported Access Point.
* Create and tailor global security rules that are applied at all unknown locations, e.g. enable firewall and lock down file sharing
* Create a configuration that is applied when AntiVirus definitions have not been updated
* Manage multiple e-mail accounts and settings
* Create location or situation adapted profiles that are pushed out, or made available, to the end users
* Control the registry depending on location or situation
* Control environment settings per location or situation
* Manage and group profiles
* Push network or configuration changes to end user profiles
* Manage and control sharing and mapped drives
* Pre create and distribute known WLan access point security settings
* Manage TCP/IP, Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Firefox proxy as well as ISA and WSP settings
* Manage dialers such as iPass
* Manage all WLan adapters with one common client