Mystery Behind Overclocking


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Mystery Behind Overclocking - A Guide. Include all information on how to sucessfully overclock your processor. Overclocking is making your processor faster resulting in improvement in all of computer speed. Like Pentium 200 MHz to Pentium 233 MHz safely in detailed step by step manner (including diagrams & flowcharts so it's easy to understand ). Processor vendors are frown on overclocking as it results in loss of revenue to them because you are getting more power without spending any pie. This document includes information on all the following processors :

All of Intel range from 486, Pentium, Pentium-MMX to current Pentium-II @ 450 MHz including Celeron processor (overclocker delight).
AMD processors 486 to K5.
All of Cyrix/IBM CPU's range from 486, 0x686 to it's current range.