NextStart 2.21


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NextSTART v2.x, by Jorge Coelho and John T. Folden, is a powerful, skinnable, and dynamic pop-up menu that can be used as a replacement or supplement to the Windows Start Menu. NextStart also offers an incredible amount of flexibility so that the user can customize it to his needs and desires. What follows is just a brief description of it's many powerful features...
- Powerful Menuing System -
Unlike many other menu programs, NextStart does NOT require you to re-enter the paths to all the programs listed on your Start Menu. NextStart will automatically read the directory structure of your Programs folder(s) and create a menu for you on the fly! In fact, thanks to NextStart's dynamic menu support, it will create as many menus as you wish based on any hard drive or directory!

If you wish to create your own customized menuing system, no problem! NextSTART 2.0 includes a powerful, built-in Menu Editor (ME) allowing you to create any number of menus. The ME also allows the use of over 80 handy Internal Commands that give quick access to not only NS specific features but also many popular Windows functions.