PopupDummy v1.1


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PopupDummy is an easy solution to stop those annoying unsolicited popup windows that appear while you browse the web.

PopupDummy is one of the few popup-killer programs that can actually block popups before you even see them. Other popup-killers will briefly flash the popup window on your screen before killing it. PopupDummy! has the ability to detect a popup before it even occurs, and keep it from appearing.

In fact, PopupDummy will speed up your web browser by not even downloading those annoying popup windows at all, so your bandwidth is saved for other browsers or quicker speeds.

-Summary of PopupDummy features:
-No Screen Flash
-99% popup windows detected and blocked
-No downloading popup windows, Web Browsing speed increased
-No setup needed. Just run and you're popup-protected
-Does not interfere with opening new browsers locally.
-Press one key down while browsing, to allow popups to go through.
-Enter favorite sites in a "whitelist" to allow popups on those sites.
-Sound effects when popups blocked.
-History kept of web sites which spawned popups.