ProFILER 2000 v1.0


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ProFILER 2000 is an exciting new utility that allows you to save custom operating system settings.
ProFILER 2000 will also save customizations and setup information made within Microsoft Office 97 and many popular email and Web browser packages. Settings you spent hours getting just right can now be saved off to a "profile" for safe keeping. Once a profile is saved, it's easy to reapply it to a system that has been modified from its original saved version. It even saves multiple profiles. Instantly, the modified version can be restored to its original state. It's also easy to save a profile from one system and reapply it to another of the same OS. This is beneficial when setting up a second computer or configuring many OSs consecutively. ProFILER 2000 is great for IT people who support multiple workstations. Now you can save a profile of a user's system so when that call comes to fix a problem, simply restore the profile saved when the system was running smoothly.