RAMeSize 1.05


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as Windows applications run, they dynamically allocate memory from the heap, this is then de-allocated, unfortunately this heap becomes fragmented, just like your hard disk does. My Program simply defragment's this memory to make more physical RAM available at any time to your applications, making them more reliable and faster to load.

RAMeSize 1.05 now has a simplified display and includes a graph of memory usage over the past 2 minutes, the graph is a percentage of free RAM.
The it automatically monitor's and defragments memory but also has a few menu options, it can be told to maually clean, either a small clean or a large clean, either of them works on percentages of free RAM which varies depending on how much memory if currently free.
It can also be told to hide to the system tray, where you can see it operating or move your mouse over to get an instant display of memoyy availability.