Registry Compressor Pro v1.8


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The registry is a database maintained by Windows which contains all the settings to the programs that you use. There are a few reasons as to why you need to compress your registry. First, when you uninstall programs, the settings are still in your registry files, taking up memory and contributing to system instability. Even if you delete the entries manually, they are really still there, just marked as deleted. Regular usage of Windows fragments the registry files and slows down the entire system. Registry Compressor creates a new registry from the ground up, eliminating the unneeded entries and errors. You should compress your registry every other week depending on how much you use your system. If you are a power user, every week may be preferred. Most computer users need to compress the registry once or twice a month. Registry Compressor also has built in backup and restore functionality to make recovering from a rare failure easy. The backup and restore capabilities are also useful for restoring your system in the event that a new program you've just installed damages part of the registry. Registry Compressor is extremely easy to use. You simply run the program, select compress, and then exit the software and restart the system when prompted. Once the compress process finishes and your system is restarted, you can go back into Registry Compresor to see the size difference, and an explanation as to how much the program actually helped you in easy to understand terms. You can't use a computer to its full potential unless you compress your registry! Download today to get your risk free trial!