Set Me Up


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The latest release of award-winning Windows configuration tool, packed with even more features and multi-lingual support, is now available with over 70 runtime enhancements, settings and tools, covering several categories. Detailed descriptions of the program features will guide you smoothly through advanced settings and the System Configuration Wizard will help you to quickly and easily improve your computer's performance.

Customize the Look of Your Desktop

Set Me Up is a great tool for customizing your desktop to your own preference or to company image requirements. You can create and set the start-up screen, shut-down screen, turn-off screen and wall paper. You can even make Set me Up randomize them for you so that a different screen is shown each time you switch on and off your computer. You can customize and personalize your computer further by changing the look of folder icons and Internet Explorer. Additionally you can customize the start-up tips. This is a great way to communicate reminder messages to yourself and/or other users.

Customize the System

Set Me Up puts you in control of the system management of your computer. It provides you with system saver functions to back up critical system settings, lets you adjust system boot options, configure memory management and provides you with added security and logon enhancements. With Set Me Up you can edit password lists, adjust the start menu speed and test your computer for Millennium Compliance (The Year 2000 Bug).

Benefits include:

System Monitor, FontView and Windows Inspector.
Adjustable system-boot options and configure memory management.
Customized Windows splash screens with supplied templates, randomized splash screens and wallpaper.
Edit password lists.
Change startup tips and Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI).
Customized shell folder locations, edit document templates.
Customized explorer change start menu speed and change drive icons.
The ability to customize new and existing application sound themes.
System maintenance reports and tools.
System saver function to back up critical system settings.
Security and log-on enhancements.
Internet Explorer 4 enhancements.
The ability to customize the look of individual folders.
The ability to replace uninteresting logos with futuristic images.