SoftTH Software Triplehead v1.07 Beta


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SoftTH allows using three monitor "triplehead" with Direct3D 8 and 9 games without special hardware. You need three monitors attached to PCI Express video cards. Only one card does all the rendering work, so secondary card can be a low end card, only Direct3D support is required.

SoftTH works by rendering the whole scene on one display adapter, which then gets split into three parts to be displayed on each monitor. While it is technically possible to use it on a AGP/PCI card, only PCI Express has the required bandwidth to get good framerates.

Compatibility and performance
While SoftTH can theoretically be compatible with any Direct3D 8 or Direct3D 9 game, some features used by games could not be yet suppoted or they can use special features which are incompatible with SoftTH. A common problem is also that the game cannot handle the aspect ratio, which results in a stretched image.

Examples of SoftTH compatibility with some games tested:
Working correctly:
- Live for Speed S2
- Operation Flashpoint
- Lock On Modern Air Combat
- Richard Burns Rally
- Elder Scrolls 4 - Oblivion
- rFactor
- X3 Reunion
- GTR 2
- GT Legends
- Test Drive Unlimited
- Armed Assault
- Trackmania Original
- BMW M3 Challenge
- Nascar Racing 2003
- The Witcher
- Company of Heroes
- Call of Duty 2
- Call of Duty 4

Not working:
- IL-2 Sturmovik
- Microsoft Flight Simulator X