SPACE ACE V 3 - Build 470


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You're not the only one creating files on your computer! As you work, programs are invisibly creating documents, generating databases, updating indexes, maintaining caches, copying files, and doing all kinds of other file processing "under the covers" of Windows.

These files are created "on the fly" by programs, and can be deleted at any time. In fact, when you delete them, they're simply regenerated by programs the next time they're needed. Over time, these files start to consume gobs of hard disk space.

While it's safe to clean these files out, most users don't know which files to look for. Even if they did, who has the time to search through every folder to clean out their hard disk? Also, experienced users know cleaning up a hard disk by hand is a big task, and one accidental keystroke can send important files to never-never land.

That's where Space Ace comes in. In minutes, Space Ace completely and safely scrubs your hard disk clean of virtually all system-generated junk. Space Ace also locates temporary, orphaned, and dynamically regenerated data files other disk management tools miss.

The first time you run Space Ace, you may be surprised at how much wasted disk space is reclaimed. On my system, I reclaimed 185 megabytes of wasted space. Of course, your results may vary, depending upon the programs you use, how your system is configured, how often you use your PC, and how often you use Space Ace. But most users can expect to reclaim 10M, 50M, 100M, 200M, even gigabytes of wasted space the first time they run Space Ace.