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Every Windows user will eventually learn to live with the odd crash or system freeze-up. Most of us cope by accepting these events as quirks of the OS while those who fancy themselves as experts look for help in a variety of applications.
Unfortunately the enormous number of applications and their extravagant claims, promising anything from doubling your RAM to turning your battered 56k modem into a device NASA wish they had, will quickly deter annyone from looking.

Having tried SpeedUpMyPC extensively I can truly say that I will stop looking. Everything about SpeedUpMyPC says class. Once deployed the software greets you with a simple but elegant interface which immediately makes you feel comfortable that you will be able to use it. Every function can be utilised with a simple click while for the more experienced users, extensive options are also accessible.

The real difference with SpeedUpMyPC however, is that every function does exactly what it promises. If you free up memory, there is a simple free RAM option while a more thorough Deep RAM Recovery is also available, you really free up memory without slowing down your PC to a crawl. Your PCs status, processor, memory and bandwidth usage, is constantly visible at a glance on your system tray while for the first time, while using Windows, you get the feeling that you are not helpless but that you can intervene decisively, if something goes wrong.
Another useful option offered by SpeedUpMyPC is that of optimizing your startup settings. The software will choose the best settings for your PC while you always have the option of doing your own startup tweaking if you think you can do better.

The ease of use and extensive and very useful functions of SpeedUpMyPC make it a Megagames Recommended application which in fact means that we have used it tried it and believe that it is the best software currently available in its field.


Memory Optimization
Monitor RAM and page file usage in realtime
Free up RAM with a single click or by pressing the RAM recovery quick keys
Set limits for automatic RAM recovery and page file alerts to avoid running out of resources

CPU Optimization
Monitor CPU usage in realtime
Assign more CPU resources to demanding applications such as games and mpeg decoders
Make servers and other tasks run in the background using a minimum of resources
Automatically assign more resources to Windows in critical situations to prevent crashes
Internet Optimization
Monitor you internet usage in realtime
Optimize your internet connection settings for maximum performance
Optimize your browser settings to improve loading speed
Test you internet connection and detect you current internet speed at any time
Startup Optimization
Monitor startup times using the startup log
Remove unnecessary background tasks to improve startup speeds and free up resources
Automatically optimize your startup settings using our extensive task database
AntiCrash Features
Recover from crashes and terminate misbehaving applications instantly
Define your own quick keys for activating the crash recovery function at any time.