System Optimizer 3.93


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System Optimize will optimize your computer. It will optimize your DirectX, Internet (includes ISP specific settings for America Online, AT&T WorldNet, CompuServe, Mind Spring, Microsoft Network, Prodigy, and Tritium), BIOS, CD-ROM, mouse speed, VMM map cache, minimum time slice, full support for ATI Rage 128series, Nvidia Riva TNT series, Riva TNT2 series, Voodoo series, Voodoo2 series, Voodoo3 series, Banshee series, and file system setting. It can also cool your CPU, enable asynchronous file commit, enable contiguous file allocation size, TNT2 M64 DirectX fixed, MS Office smooth scroll and more... It includes a guide on how to optimize Windows too. System Optimize is FREEWARE.

With previous versions colours under some systems would have problems. That should now be fixed.