Terminal Overdrive 2000 PRO 1.2


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'TO2000 PRO Internet Utilities' are 'The Worlds Best Internet Search, Acceleration, Software Updating, Bookmark Management, and Connection Management Tools all rolled into one!' 'If you use the internet, you need TO2000 PRO'

NEW System Wide Update, scans and updates all of your software!

NEW Virus scanning and removing!

NEW Better Search capability then any other program available!

NEW Support for DSL, Cable, LAN, or Dial Up Win.95/98/NT/2000.

NEW Automatic Acceleration Self Configuration!

NEW Automatic Self Updating and Windows Updating!

NEW Automatic bookmark management with "Netmarks".

NEW Automatic TO2000 PRO Connection Manager that virtually eliminates most idle timeouts.

You will never have to worry about Terminal Overdrive 2000 PRO becoming 'dated' because when a new version is released the TO2000 PRO Auto Update feature will download and install the latest release!
And because we are constantly adding new features you will always have the latest and hottest product available.