Tweak UI v2.10


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This PowerToy gives you access to system settings that are not exposed in the Windows XP default user interface, including mouse settings, Explorer settings, taskbar settings, and more.
Tweak UI Settings:
• General - sound, shadow, animation, menu settings
o Focus - prevent application from stealing focus.
o Alt+Tab - settings to control size of window when you press Alt+Tab.
• Mouse - menu speed, and mouse sensitivity settings
o Hover - control settings for mouse hover sensitivity.
o Wheel - enable/disable scrolling using mouse wheel, and lines amount per scroll setting.
o X-Mouse - enable/disable window focus type, when mouse over automatic focus window setting.
• Explorer - showing of links and menu settings
o Shortcut - shortcut icon overlay type setting.
o Colors - compressed files, hot-tracking, encrypted files settings.
o Thumbnails - image quality, thumbnail size settings.
o Command Keys - shortcut keys for explorer, documents, internet explorer settings.
o Customizations - folder to remember setting.
o Slide Show - picture delay and interval setting.
• Common Dialogs - auto-finish settings for edit boxes
o Places Bar - default, hide, or custom place bar settings.
• Taskbar and Start Menu - balloon tooltip settings
o Grouping - settings to control grouping of applications on taskbar.
o Start Menu - control visual of frequently used programs on start menu.
• Desktop - show which icons on desktop
o First Icon - choosing the first icon between 'My Documents' and 'My Computer'. (Default is 'My Documents')
• My Computer - show which icons on my computer folder
o Drives - set usable drive letters.
o Special Folders - assigning of default location folders for each special task. (CD burning, shared documents, etc)
o AutoPlay - customization of autoplay for external harddisk.
* Drives - set usable drive letters.
*Types - enable/disable autoplay on which drive types. (removable drives, cd and dvd drives)
*Handlers - create, edit, delete handlers after autoplay.
o Drive Letters - settings on how drive letters should appear in 'My Computer'.
• Control Panel - settings to hide control panel icon extensions
• Templates - which document type to create when using Right-Click > New menu
• Internet Explorer - backslash conversion setting
o Toolbar Background
o Search
o View Source
o Small Animation
o Large Animation
o Image Toolbar
• Command Prompt - auto filename completion setting for Command Prompt
• Logon - showing of accounts setting
o Autologon - enable/disable and set which account to autologon.
o Unread Mail - enable/disable showing of unread mail on welcome screen.
o Settings - copies animation settings for accounts
o Screen Saver - grace period before showing login screen setting.
• Access Control - switch between 'Connect to registry remotely' or 'Access performance counters'
• Repair - function to repair icons (all, font, music, pictures, videos, regedit, unread mail count)