Tweaker 4.0


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Tweaker is a utility that can customize several Windows settings that you can't control anywhere else. Tweaker is more for the "power users" out there who want more control on Windows settings -- to be able to change things that Windows just doesn't have a spot to change them in. Some things you can change withTweaker include the double-click sensitivity, the default menu alignment, making a window show its contents while dragging, making Windows use 256-color icons (even without Plus!), making your Windows 98/NT Start menu look like Win 95's (split into colums, don't scoll), whether or not to beep on errors, window animations (to do or not to do), several Internet Explorer and Outlook Express options, and the "menu show delay" -- the amount of milliseconds before a cascading menu item pops out (like on the Start menu). Tweaker can also change many Windows system icons -- such as the icons it uses for folders, Control Panel, and the Start menu "Program" folders. Additionally, Tweaker allows you to remove items from the Start menu you don't want (or want others to access), such as "Programs," "Favorites," "Run," "Shut Down," "Documents," and more -- and it allows you to restrict access to Control Panel as a whole, or to certain individial icons, as well as part (or all) of the "Display" icon of Control Panel. Registry editing via regeidt can aslo be disabled, as well as many other things.