Tweaking Toolbox for Windows 1.60


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Designed to make changes to the Windows registry, Tweaking Toolbox for Windows allows you to customize and/or change the Desktop, Start menu and several other settings to optimize Windows without having to edit the registry.

Key Features: Registry settings are changed quickly, safely, and conveniently. Includes the option to easily undo the changes. Gives information on the exact version of Windows you are running. Includes a highly detailed help file clearly explaining all its functions.

Windows 95 and 98 can be customized to a great extent, but a lot of these tweaks require the user to manually edit the registry. This is not only a time-consuming task, but also a very risky endeavor for the untrained novice.

Tweaking Toolbox for Windows (TTW) is the only 100% foolproof method to change these settings. It's fast, it's easy to use, it's incredibly efficient and highly cost effective. TTW works for Windows NT 4 and all versions of Windows 95 and 98, as well as every language version.

Settings that can be easily and conveniently changed by TTW include: General-, Desktop-, Start menu-, Internet Explorer and Outlook Express-, Control panel-, MS-DOS- and Windows 98 settings.