Vopt 9.03


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Vopt is a fast defragmenter which also offers basic scheduling capabilities and can show information and statistics for file usage, fragmentation, and more all combined in a visually rich yet compact environment. It also provides options to optimize swap file and other system settings and wipe free space.

Changes in version 9.03:
- Vista - Added code to work around a Vista SP1 error (i.e. "design feature") which prevents defragmenters from moving files larger than 4GB without locking up. If using Vista-- even with this work-around--defragmenting or moving a file larger than 4GB while the drive is being written to by other applications, may fragment the file.
- Vista/Windows 2003 - Added "VSS compatible Defrag" command. If Volume Shadow Copy is enabled on Vista or Windows 2003 Server volumes having a cluster size of less than 16KB, normal defragmenting may result in the loss of system restore points if there is insufficient space allocated for system restore. "VSS compatible Defrag" minimizes the number of files moved and the total size of files moved. Files larger than 64 MB are not moved or defragmented. File packing is minimal.
- New logic for "Defrag pagefile" command to minimize system restore increase.
- Corrected a problem which prevents Analyze/Defrag from running on some systems.
- Minor improvements and problem corrections. Minor cosmetic changes.