Win Tasks Pro 4


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For IT professionals, software developers and other advanced users, WinTasks 4 Professional makes resource management easier than ever before. Including features like detailed cpu usage graphs per process, system presets and a built-in scripting language, WinTasks 4 Professional is an essential addition to any advanced Windows user's toolbox.


Manage Computer Resources

-Remove unnecessary processes instantaneously
-Free up valuable memory and cpu resources
-Create presets to optimize all common tasks
-Use the built-in logs and statistics to eliminate resource leaks and other problems
-Create custom scripts to automatically optimize the use of important resources

Software Development and Debugging

-Inspect your application's cpu and memory usage in realtime to optimize memory and cpu usage
-View up to 24 hours of cpu and memory usage statistics to find memory leakage and other bugs
-View windows, modules and threads owned by your application
-Terminate unwanted processes and clean up after a program crash without having to reboot the entire system
-Create scripts to start or stop your own programs when a particular condition is meet. For example, you could stop a server automatically whenever the client is stopped

Increase Security

-Find and kill unwanted background processes like viruses and trojans
-Use the process log to find out which processes have been executed on your computer
-Create scripts to prevent a specific process from running
-Save the current process configuration to a preset, allowing you to instantly restore that configuration and terminate all unwanted processes.